Joshua Harrington


Joshua Harrington

M.A.Sc. Student

Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of British Columbia
Vancouver BC, Canada V6T 1Z4
Tel: (604) 822-9036


Josh was born in Reno, Nevada and earned his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from California Polytechnic Institute of San Luis Obispo. While at CalPoly, Josh worked on a number of projects such as designing and building a machine to test greases across a large temperature range for use in electromechanical actuators.

Upon completion of his degree, Josh moved to Israel where he lived on a kibbutz, learned Hebrew, and served in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). During his time in army, Josh served in the combat engineering special missions unit as a bomb removal expert.

After three years in Israel, Josh decided to pursue his Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering at UBC. Under the supervision of Dr. Schajer, Josh is currently working on the development of a system to measure the stress state in railway rails and in large steel beams on bridges using Digital Image Correlation (DIC) techniques.

When he is not at the lab, Josh likes to engage in one of his many hobbies such as woodworking, biking, and reading. In addition, he enjoys spending time with his girlfriend and dog, exploring the great outdoors that BC has to offer.

For further details, see Josh’s home page.