Mohammad Tootoonian


Mohammad Tootoonian

Mechanical Design Engineer

NYCE Control Inc (Texada Labs)
8525 Baxter Place
Burnaby, BC V5A 4V7
Tel: (604) 444-2999


Mohammad Tootoonian is presently working as a Mechanical Design Engineer with NYCE Control Inc. (Texada Labs), in Burnaby, BC. He has 16 years of design and research & development experience in the wireless network manufacturing industry, notably in new product development, design, testing, product enhancement, material selection and stress analysis.

Prior to his present work, Mohammad worked for ten years as a Mechanical Design Engineer with Tantalus Systems Corp, Vancouver, BC. There he worked with a team of engineers to develop new wireless network devices used in monitoring and controlling distribution networks for utility companies, home automation, wireless security systems companies, worldwide. He was solely responsible for mechanical design of 74 different parts for 16 fully mature products, all of which have been taken to market. Mohammad holds 2 patents, with 2 more pending.

During his studies in the Renewable Resources Lab, Mohammad implemented a new strain gauge rosette for hole-drilling residual stress measurements, and also developed a novel taper-hole drilling technique.