Bahar (Orhan) Çekyay


Bahar (Orhan) Çekyay

Design Engineer

Turkey Technology Center
Gebze/Kocaeli, Turkey
Tel: +90 505 765 5642


Bahar received her Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Istanbul Technical University, Turkey in 2002. Her graduation project concerned the design and analysis of an aircraft component.

After graduation, she had the chance to be a member of Renewable Resources Laboratory at UBC. She got her M.A.Sc. degree under the supervision of Dr. Gary Schajer in 2004. Her Masters thesis focused on the design, construction and testing of a microwave system for wood property measurements. This work enabled the wood moisture density, dry density and grain direction to be evaluated. Also, she enjoyed the beauties of the amazing city, Vancouver, during her Masters years.

Bahar worked as R&D Engineer between 2005-2007 in Akkardan A.S., a major supplier of propeller shafts and steering columns in Turkey. She lead new projects with companies both inside and outside Turkey until the serial production period.

After working for 2½ years in automotive industry, she has been working in the jet engine industry for one year as a Design Engineer. She is a member of the Military Rotating Parts of Excellence team in the Turkey Technology Center established by TEI, Turkey, and General Electric, US.

Bahar enjoys folk dancing, cooking and discovering new places in her spare time.