Zeeshan Mehta

M.Eng. Student

Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of British Columbia
Vancouver BC, Canada V6T 1Z4
Tel: (604) 822-9036
Email: zeemehta99@gmail.com


I’m from Mumbai, India. I completed my undergraduate studies from NMIMS University where I majored in Mechanical Engineering. During my undergraduate program, I co-founded an organization, called Nomadion, where students worked together on engineering-based projects that addressed issues commonly faced by university students. I also spent a significant amount of time, during my undergrad, as the head of corporate affiliations for the International Society of Automation, MPSTME and chaired multiple Model UN Human Rights Council committee sessions.

At UBC, I’ve chosen to specialize in Design and Product Development to deepen my knowledge in the field and hope to make an impactful and constructive contribution in the field of technology!

In my spare time, I love playing video games, participating in outdoor sporting activities and trying different foods!