Tomohiro (Tom) Takahashi


Tomohiro (Tom) Takahashi

Senior Design Engineer

Langley, BC.



Tom Takahashi received a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from UBC in 2004. In his senior year, he worked as an intern at Hytec Inc. (Los Alamos, New Mexico) to assist in the development of the PRISM (Precise Real-time Instrument for Surface Measurement), a system that uses laser-speckle interferometry to measure residual stress and residual stress profiles. Upon completion of his internship, he continued his work on the PRISM system at the Renewable Resources Laboratory.

Following graduation, Tom went to work with the Yamatake Corporation to develop application software for plant automation devices interconnected via Fieldbus and HART. The main purpose of the software was to network digital plant devices and to perform diagnostics and monitor plant devices from a remote location.

The following year, Tom went on to join the Continental Automotive Corporation, a German-based, global company that produces automotive parts and automotive systems for car manufacturers. Tom worked in the hydraulic brake systems division, where he was responsible for the design of “combined” brake calipers for use on the rear axle of a vehicle. Combined calipers are hydraulically actuated brake calipers with an additional mechanism used for parking brake applications. With a strong trend towards introducing “by-wire” brake systems, Tom also worked on system development of advanced technologies such as electronic parking brakes and calipers that are driven electrically. Following two years at headquarters in Frankfurt, Tom joined Continental’s engineering center in Yokohama, Japan from 2007 to 2010.

Tom completed his MBA in Finance from McGill University in 2010 and joined Deere-Hitachi soon thereafter. Deere-Hitachi is a joint venture between Deere & Co. and Hitachi Construction Machinery Corporation and is headquartered in Kernersville, North Carolina. Deere-Hitachi manufactures mid-size excavators for the North and South American markets. Currently Tom is located at the Langley facility where he is the Senior Design Engineer responsible for ROPS and cab system design for both Deere and Hitachi branded forestry excavators.